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Cell Phone Tower Lease Acquisition

We acquire all wireless cell sites and leases. We convert your small monthly or yearly check into a large lump sum of money through the use of a specific wireless easement or straight purchase of the rent stream contract. In some cases we purchase the parcel if that best suits your needs. We offer flexible terms lengths; lump sum payouts or pay over time; and real revenue sharing on additional tenants.

Most cell phone tower location owners choose to sell the specific wireless easement due to the lower tax rate on the lump sum via Capital Gains. This will not negatively affect the value of the property due to the easement being “wireless specific”. You will still have the rights to the sell or refinance the property as needed.

If you are looking to sell your cell tower lease, please do not hesitate to contact us for the largest settlement possible.

Consulting for your current lease

wwd-leaseHave you been approached for a new tower or asked to sign an amendment to your current contract? You need to call us. Most of the time you are asked to sign one of these amendments, it is for the betterment of the carrier or the tower company. Usually it is to extend the terms that are already in place and to secure their long-term interest not yours. They may want to add additional language that will make it more difficult to sell your property or wireless asset when you choose.

“Lease Optimization” is another way to say “Rent Reduction”. Most carriers contract these types of services to other firms to help them reduce their cost. Their goal is simple; lower the operating cost and ultimately to pay less rent for the location.

The carriers have used companies like Black Dot Wireless and Md7 to lower your rent and reduce your terms. Usually they will tell land owners that the wireless carrier has another cell site location in the area and they may decommission the site unless you lower the rent. In most cases they will offer a “rent guarantee period” in order to get you to sign. Before you agree to any changes to your site you should give us a call.


New Lease Negotiations

Recently, the demands for new cell site locations have been very high. 4G LTE sites that are very data demanding are driving new site builds. Knowing how your new site might factor into the current cell network is critical. Understanding what rents should be for your specific site will help you to better understand the real value of your location.

These areas are our core business. Maximizing your long-term value and structuring a transaction that meets your goals really matters for us. The best decisions are educated decisions and we do everything we can to make sure you understand our process and are completely satisfied with your decision to work with Cell Site Capital.

Learn more about what Cell Site Capital offers to each of our clients to create Long-Term Value.